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We have a ‘Newtopian Dream’ today!


That dream is to live in a community that is safe, connected, inclusive and respectful.


We have a ‘Newtopian Dream’ the Inner West community will continue to rise up and make a real difference in the community in which they live.  Working together toward common goals to bring about significant social change.


We have a ‘Newtopian Dream’ that nobody will have to live on the streets throughout the Inner West. We want everyone to be able to live in appropriate and affordable homes. 


We have a ‘Newtopian Dream’ that one day people who are the most vulnerable, particularly those at risk of social isolation and homelessness, receive direct assistance they need to ensure their human rights and basic needs are met.


We have a ‘Newtopian Dream’ that we maintain the vibrant, quirky, inclusive feel of Newtown. We want to ensure that Inner West has a vibrant social and cultural life which reflects its diversity for generations to enjoy for years to come.


We have a ‘Newtopian Dream’ today!